The town of Sparrowfax is home to an intrepid party of adventurers.


  • Rhogar, a dragonborn warlord that leads with a quiet dignity
  • Pherakas, a devout tiefling paladin rejected by society
  • Varik, a superior elven wizard skilled in tactics
  • Ghinther, a human cleric from the Iron Hills, aka “Coach”
  • Ajax, a reckless half-orc barbarian with rage issues
  • Voronwe, a zealous servant of Corellon dedicated to the art of war

They live in Black Skull Manor.

Adventurers’ Current Location

The group has just left the Seven Pillared Hall within the Thunderspire Labyrinth and is traveling to Rialtis to find Varik’s mentor.

Retired Party Members

  • Felix, a daring human ranger and source of entertainment
  • Merric, a halfling rogue nimble of body
  • Nirlit, a halfling rogue trickster
  • Soraya, a human ex-mercenary in search of adventure

Deceased Party Members

  • Haglok, a dwarven fighter with a thirst for gold and blood


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