Sparrowfax sits just downstream from where the Akra River meets the mighty Oak River. The town has a fair sized set of quays and is ringed with sturdy, stone city walls. All sorts of cultures come through here and mingle with relative civility.

The town is big enough to support its own militia run by the City Council. The council is composed of the heads of several guilds, notably Caromer Mallet (mercer’s guild), Tessa (wooler’s guild), Lekamak (grocer’s guild) and an elected mayor, Dryanne A’Meara (also head of the arcanist’s guild). It deals mostly in trade between the large cities of Hope, Katavi Keep and Bayport as well as the smaller village Devils Nook and Aldersham. It is bordered to the west by The Forest of Memories and to the east by The Wild Plains.

Sparrowfax can be divided into several areas:

On the outskirts of the town are a number of well-kept hunting paths maintained by the thorough hand of Felix Jaegar. The ranger travels down these paths with an axe in each hand, ever-ready to to chop down an errant branch, root or goblin.


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