Red Hall

The home of both the Grocer’s Guild and the Mercer’s Guild is located right off of the Market Green. It is named the Red Hall for the bright red varnish applied to the bulding’s timbers.

Lekamak Shaan is the head of the Grocer’s guild and can be found in the Hall at almost any hour of the day. He is the aged patriarch of the oldest Dragonborn family in Sparrowfax. His gruff, no-nonsense approach is better suited to dealing with merchants than his fellow City Council members.

Caromer Oakwater is the head of the Mercer’s Guild. He is a well-dressed middle-aged man with a tendency to ramble. The Grocer’s Guild deals primarily with food and trade within the city walls while the Mercer’s Guild deals mainly with non-foodstuffs and external trade. He prefers to spend most of his time and work from his home.

The Hall’s reputation for being the city’s centre of business is reflected in the local saying, “Blue Copper, Green Silver, Red Gold.” (ie: Blue Moon Alehouse, Market Green, Red Hall)

Red Hall

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