Oak River

The Oak River runs along the western side of Sparrowfax. There are a few buildings in the area to the west of the river, called Westshore, but nearly everything is on the eastern edge of the river. To cross the river, there are two options: the Ferries and the FiveArch Bridge.

The Oak River is the lifeblood of Sparrowfax. Nearly all trade from the bigger cities (Bayport, Hope, Katavi Keep) comes via the river. Tapi “Tapper” Whitespring, a Half-Elf, is the River Master. He patrols the river with three armed soldiers to adjudicate the inevitable docking disputes, enforce the local river regulations and to keep an eye out for trouble in general along the shore. His reputation as an even-handed but merciless River Master is well-earned.

The Fleetwater Stream meets the Oak River not far inside the southern city walls.

At the northern part of Sparrowfax’s section of the Oak River is an island with an old fort.

Oak River

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