A zealous servant of Corellon dedicated to the art of war

  • Unaligned Male Elf Avenger of Corellon
  • Languages: Common, Elven
  • Background: Heretic +2 to Stealth checks
AC Fortitude Reflex Will
24 16 19 20
HP Surges / Day Surge Value
63 8 15
8 13 18 10 20 10
Speed Initiative Passive Perception Passive Insight
7 +7 26 20


Skill Bonus
Acrobatics +13
Arcana +3
Athletics +2
Bluff +3
Diplomacy +3
Dungeoneering +8
Endurance +4
Heal +8
History +3
Insight +8
Intimidate +3
Nature +10
Perception +16
Religion +9
Stealth +15
Streetwise +3
Thievery +7


  • At-Will: Radiant Vengeance, Bond of Retribution
  • Encounter: Angelic Alacrity (1st level), Relentless Stride (3rd level), Fury’s Advance (7th level)
  • Daily: Aspect of Might (1st level), Executioner’s Cloak (5th level)
  • Utility: Avenger’s Resolve (2nd level), Aspect of Agility (6th level)


  • +2 Vicious Fullblade
  • +2 Magic Cloth Armor
  • +1 Cape of the Mountebank
  • +1 Symbol of Hope
  • Potion of Healing
  • Bracers of Mighty Striking (heroic tier)
  • Power Jewel (heroic tier)
  • Adventurer’s Kit
  • Longbow, 30 arrows
  • 480 GP


  • Level 1: Weapon Proficiency (Fullblade)
  • Level 2: Unarmored Agility
  • Level 4: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blades, Holy Symbols)
  • Level 6: Power of Skill

Class Features

  • Oath of Enmity
  • Censure of Pursuit
  • Armor of Faith
  • Channel Divinity: Abjure Undead
  • Channel Divinity: Divine Guidance

Racial Features

  • Elven Weapon Proficiency (longbow & shortbow)
  • Group Awareness
  • Elven Accuracy
  • Fey Origin
  • Wild Step
  • Superior Elven Tactics (only with Varik)

Born to artistically inclined parents (mother Finduilas, bard adventurer killed by an ancient red dragon whom Voronwe has vowed to one day slay in revenge; father Turin, a retired priest of Corellon who took up a living as a carpenter after Finduilas died), Voronwe grew up studying the harp, but quickly became stifled by the demands of formal training in classical elven music. While still an adolescent (in elven terms), he left home without telling his parents to make a name for himself in the world, but found his quest to achieve fame with a sword strangely hollow. He returned home to find his mother dead, and after the required period of mourning, reluctantly agreed to enter the orders of Corellon as a priest, just as his father had himself done many years ago. At his father’s behest, he travelled to a rural elven monastery of Corellon, intending to spend a year in silent contemplation of the divine. However, one night, while he was taking his customary walk through a nearby forest, he experienced a spiritual awakening when a voice spoke to him out of the trees, telling him that he would best serve his God by seeking beauty and truth in the art of war and exhorting him to strike down the followers of Lolth. The next day, he left the priestly order and became an avenger of Corellon.

Violence constitutes its own perfect rhythm for Voronwe, and he takes an almost artistic delight in the arc of his weapon as it strikes down those who oppose Corellon’s will. For Voronwe, the heat of combat provides temporary respite from the unresolved guilt he still feels over having been absent when his mother met her death. In social situations, he is silent, but it’s a silence borne of inarticulate insecurity rather than self-contained assurance; he is occasionally prone to bursts of rage that are baffling to those around him. He retains a love of music and art of any kind (particularly painting), but takes care to hide this love because he believes it will make him appear weak in the eyes of others. He easily grows impatient without a clear goal and path in front of him, and will aggressively seek out conflict if it’s been too long since he last killed someone (preferably drow). Both because of his religion and his own personal experience, forests are sacred to Voronwe; whenever he enters a forest, he secretly hopes to encounter the voice that spoke to him from the trees.


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