Felix Jaegar

Versatile, nimble, stealthy, gormless, likes busy-work.

17 17 13 8 14 9
HP Blood Surge No.
45 22 11+1 7
AC Ref Fort Will
19+1 17+1 17 15

  • Acrobatics +9
  • Arcana +1
  • Athletics +9
  • Bluff +1
  • Diplomacy +1
  • Dungeoneering +9
  • Endurance +3
  • Heal +4
  • History +1
  • Insight +4
  • Intimidate +?
  • Nature +9
  • Perception +9
  • Religion +1
  • Stealth +9
  • Streetwise +1
  • Thievery +5

Action Surge, Weapon Focus (heavy blades), Toughness, TWF, TWD.
At Will: nimble strike (1d10+5), hit and run(1d8+7), twin strike(1d8+4,1d8+3 or 1d10+2,1d10+2)
Encounter: 2 fang strike (1d8+7,1d8+6 or 1d10+5,1d10+5), disruptive strike (basic melee or ranged)
Daily:Jaws of the wolf (2d8+7,2d8+6)
Utility:yield ground


Felix was born and raised in the tiny community of Oakendale in the woods outside of Sparrowfax. One day when he was 12, Felix skipped his chores and went off into the woods by himself. When he returned he discovered that Oakendale had been razed to the ground by bandits and his entire family had been killed. Felix managed to survive for weeks before being discovered by Olaf, a wandering ranger. Felix was taken in by this scraggy man of the woods and was taught in the ways of the Rangers. Eventually, our hero grew tired of the usual patrol and decided to leave the side of his mentor to seek adventure. Having exceedingly poor hand-writing, Felix has his boss and friend, Erandil, write a letter for him every month to let his foster-father know how he is getting along.

Looks: 6’1”, lanky, scruffy, generally unkempt
Likes: birds, keeping busy, helping others, plants, Avandra
Dislikes: waiting, goblins, crowds
In combat: Likes to show off his acrobatic and athletic ability. His hunter’s quarry represents his complete dedication to wiping the floor with that one guy.

Felix Jaegar

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