cleric from the iron hills

Race Class Level Gender Alignment Speed Initiative Passive Perception Languages
Human Cleric 4 Male Good 6 +3 16 Common, Dwarven
Ability Scores: STR 14, CON 14, DEX 13, INT 9, WIS 16, CHA 14

Feats: Action surge, Raven Queen, ScaleMail,

Class Features:

HP Bloodied Surges per day Surge value
41 20 9 10
Defense Value Extra Extra Extra
AC 20 +1 per milestone
Fortitude 16
Reflex 15
Will 20
Skill Bonus Extra Extra Extra
Acrobatics +3
Arcana +1
Athletics +4
Bluff +4
Diplomacy +9
Dungeoneering +6
Endurance +4
Heal +11
History +1
Insight +11
Intimidate +4
Nature +6
Perception +6
Religion +6
Stealth +3
Streetwise +4
Thievery +3

Passive Insight: 21 Passive Perception: 16 Basic Melee Attack: +7, 1D8+3


  • At-Will: Lance of Faith, Priest Shield, Sacred Flame
  • Encounter: Daunting Light, Divine Glow, Healing Word, Channel Divinity
  • Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune, Turn Undead, Raven Queen’s Blessing
  • Daily: Cascade of Light
  • Utility: Shield of Faith

Equipment: Lullaby mace +1, Meliorating scalemail +1, Cloak of walking wounded


When Haglok was but a child, he was traveling with his parents to the grand city of Bayport. It has a hard winter that year, and one week, when the family was out, a viscous winter storm hit while they were a few days away from Bayport. The parents didn’t make it, but a passing caravan of humans saw the young dwarf and adopted him.

Growing up, Haglok had a nephew (from his adoptive human sister) who was his favourite. Ghinther was his name-o.

Ghinther and his uncle would adventure together. A year ago Ghinther decided to to join some of his other adventurous friends and explore the Iron hills, looking for the fabled treasure of … fill in blank here…

Until one sleepless night when he had a terrible dream of his uncle dying…


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