Faren Markelhay

Warden of Sparrowfax


The Warden sits on the [[City Council]] and is its longest serving member. At age 94, he has been grooming his grandson, [[:Pender Markelhay]] to replace him. It is common knowledge that there is a shortage of city guards but Faren refuses to alter the policy that the guard must have been born in town and his high standards has been a barrier to new recruits. He feels the trust placed in him by the city is too great to risk by compromising either position.

During the sack of the city, the half of the city fled to the countryside while the other half fled to the Keep. It was Faren himself that ordered the gates barred when the Keep had the maximum number of people that could survive a siege within its walls. Many families of those that were slaughtered just outside the Keep’s walls have yet to forgive him.

Faren Markelhay

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