Elven wizard who prizes tactics, knowledge, and the obvious superiority of elves

  • Str:8
  • Con:10
  • Dex:14
  • Int:17
  • Wis:19
  • Cha:12

AC:18 Fort:13 Ref:16 Will:19
Speed:7 Init:+4 (+6 near warlord)
HP:32 Surges/day:6 Surge-Value:8

Languages: Common, Elven

Racial features: Low-Light Vision, Group awareness (+1 perception, allies within 5), Wild Step, Elven Accuracy

Wizard Features: Cantrips, Ritual Casting, Spellbook, Orb Mastery

Feats: Leather Armour Proficiency, Elven Precision, Jack-of-all-trades

  • Acrobatics+6
  • Arcana+10
  • Athletics+3
  • Bluff+5
  • Diplomacy+5
  • Dungeoneering+11
  • Endurance+4
  • Heal+8
  • History+7
  • Insight+11
  • Intimidate+5
  • Nature+13
  • Perception+10
  • Religion+7
  • Stealth+6
  • Streetwise+5
  • Thievery+6

Passive Insight:21 Passive Perception:20

At-will: Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Scorching Burst, Thunderwave
Encounter: Elven Accuracy, Icy Terrain, Shield(b), Colour Spray
Daily: Flaming Sphere(a), Sleep(a), Feather Fall(b)
(a & b = choose which to prepare)

Rituals: Animal Messenger, Comprehend Language, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Eye of alarm, Enchant Item, Knock, Silence, Gentle Repose
Magic Item: Orb of Unlucky Exchanges + 1, Leather Repulsion + 1, Cloak of Distortion +1


Unaligned, Diety: Ioun


Sparrowfax alex