We're Back, Baby!

  • We head to see Rialtis
  • Even before we see hut, sense something has happened recently, from tracks
  • Come across corpse of recently deceased lady Eladrin, she’s dead from weapon attacks, she has no weapons, she’s just outside Rialtis’ head
  • Looks like this attack happened in the last 12 to 24 hours
  • Alex casts object reading on the poor dead lady’s shirt
  • Also, axe wound and sword wounds showing on poor dead lady
  • Tracks, at least two medium and one large creatures, boot tracks, leading away from PDL
  • Inside hut, some rummaging has been done, but not much in there – bed, table, pot, etc.
  • Doesn’t look like any fighting happened in hut, looks like it was rummaged after
  • Search around, looks like these attackers circled around hut in premeditated manner, attacked, and Rialtis tried to fight them off, looks like magical fighting occurred, can’t tell if just Rialtis or if attackers too, Rialtis is not here, PDL was left here to die
  • No dragging marks
  • Alex sees:
    1. image of a very large ogre with large branch, and three medium-sized orcs, two with axes and one with sword – attacked PDL
    2. image of Rialtis, strongly tinged with affection, of Rialtis using fire to fight off attacker – last sight
    3. image of market stall in large unknown city where dress bought
    4. image of Rialtis emerging from forest with bucket, heading to where she’s kneeling by water, knows area, where he fetched water from while training with Rialtis – first time seen in this dress
    5. image of pushing aside berries looking for berries to gather, handbasket at feet – typical activity in this dress
  • Ogres often make their lairs in thinly settled borderlands—places where they can find homesteads to pillage and travelers to waylay, but wild enough to discourage pursuit. They favor desolate hills and dark forests. Left to their own devices, ogres live in small hunter-gatherer bands that separate or move on when they use up the easily available food sources of an area. They prefer pillage and theft to actual hunting or gathering. Ogres are lazy and surly creatures, but powerful masters sometimes put them to work as menial laborers. The brightest ogres sometimes seek out work as mercenaries, and might accumulate arms and armor far better than those of the typical ogre. They like big weapons that make good use of their size and strength—greataxes, morningstars, or heavy flails. Ogres are fast, the orcs are good with ranged attacks
  • Jay follows tracks leading away, we all follow
  • Reach dark passageway into hillside, it’s like a ruined temple into the ground, like Angkor Wat
  • Jay goes to entranceway, then we all join him, he scouts ahead into the pitch black entryway with glowing coin
  • Jay eventually finds a door with light seeping underneath
  • We go in and enter into a food fight with 3 orcs and 3 ogres
  • Orc says Coptira (?) is going to be mad at him, then he dies horribly at Jay’s hands
  • Ghinther successfully kills an ogre with fewer than 8 hit points simply by being in his presence and chatting with him.
  • The battle is not actually that terribly challenging. We beat them into an inch of their lives, then let Jay and Peter “take the kills”.
  • We search room, find bones and flesh, etc. It’s gross.
  • We go through another set of doors and find yet more orcs, ogres. They’re praying.
  • This fight is harder. I kind of wish I hadn’t blown a daily on that last fight.
  • We run into ogre warhulk, he’s fast and very strong, does flail damage
  • Also run into ogre skirmisher, can do javelin and smash attack once per turn, he moves a lot
  • Ogre warhulk refers to Coptilla(?), who will get us.
  • The warhulk takes FOREVER. JEEZUS!
  • Jay rolls four times and STILL MISSES! A banner day for our foes.
  • Orc dragon dies off-screen
  • We short-rest.
  • Clare leaves to play with her real friend
  • we find 2 silver bracelets (100gp each) and gold bracelet (250gp) and 2 potions of healing from disabling braziers that make us sick for not apologizing soon enough to an unknown god. Yeah.
  • Find room with Rialtis caught in a ghost trap with two zombie hulks that just won’t stay dead.
  • Coptira shows up and does annoying zombie-orge-hulky things.
  • Ghost buster trap disabled, and Rialtis shoots madonna’s ray of light at them.
  • They die finally
  • Ghost dad magically makes a headband of intellect for Varik, and a Cloak of Survival for Voronwe, and then goes off to party with Obi Wan, Yoda, and Anakin near a big bonfire.



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