Stunn(ed)(ing) Fighters, Sleeping Dragon

  • Tasha puts together a to-do list
  • We go back home to Sparrowfax
  • Rendell Halfmoon, in his gratitude, has arranged free passage on a ship for us
  • Night before we leave, Varik has disturbing dreams of his former master seeking help, wakes with the sense that he’s in danger
  • About 1/3 way downriver and then another couple days travel by foot to where the dude is
  • Alex says he has to leave his training early to go fight Lando in Cloud City. I mean Rialtis.
  • We make enough potions so that everyone has a potion of healing.
  • We get on the boat, get off, Alex sends an animal messenger.
  • We set up camp the first night, no difficulties. We hear regular animal noises, etc., but nobody does anything to us.
  • A couple of hours into the walk the next day, Pherakas gets a sense that something tugging at her, in a different direction from everyone else. Gets a sense that it’s some form of divine guidance. It feels like a strong calling, and it gets stronger as time passes.
  • Varik is heading Northwest, and the call is from the East.
  • We have at least one more day’s travel to get to Varik’s friend’s house. If Alex’s little animal friend has a return message, he can find Alex.
  • We all head east to follow the call of Sehanine.
  • Travel through hilly, forested terrain, pass by iron mine.
  • Off into the distance, see a path, and pass by cabins. Cabins are old and crappy. Seem old, from old culture. Ornately carved, but collapsed. Others are rickety old woodsman’s sheds. Looks like two different groups, from two separate civilizations, have lived here over time.
  • Approach clearing with buildings ahead.
  • Find town, it is where Pherakas needs to do something.
  • The town is of the more ornate style, but still old and crappy. There’s an old temple-like building, with moons and luck symbols on it
  • Looky, looky, we run into a large black adult dragon. It resists poison, can swim and fly, bites and claws have reach 2, it’s breath is acidic, it’s tail is a fearsome weapon,it can instill fear in its enemies, and it can create zones of darkness to interrupt lines of sight
  • Temple is in pristine shape, appears to be calling to Clare to make own luck. Recognise Sehanine, but old-timey statue.
  • Pray at Sehanine’s feet, get +2 to attacks and damage until end of encounter
  • Alex tries to calm down the dragon, he gets pissy. The fight is clearly on.
  • Alex puts it to sleep and we whale on him. He has unending fucking hitpoints. He wakes up and we start dying.
  • We finally kill him.
  • Find nothing on dragon. Peter rips out his fangs to keep as a souvenir.
  • We find dragon hoard. 300 gp worth of gems, 200 gp statue, 700 gp in coins
  • Clare meditates and prays at statue. Sehanine praises her for her valour, finds her worthy devotee. Offers for choice to bless armour or weapons. Clare chooses sword.
  • Sehanine thanks us, warns us that we’ll be needing her blessing in times to come. She feels she has found a strong champion.
  • We took a three hour detour from the trail to come here.
  • We call it for the night.


Stop putting my dragons to sleep or else you’re gonna fight an Espresso Dragon! It does caffeine damage.


So our new party name will be like: The Dragon Sleepers ? Sandmen of Dragons ?


Sandmen of Dragons is hilarious.


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